A Development Method for User Interfaces of Rich Internet Applications

The research questions that guide our research are intimately related with the spirit of Model Driven Architecture and standardization, there is a need to develop a proper model for these emerging technologies to reduce developing costs and to produce flexible and adaptable interfaces for the next technological leap. Therefore, we inquire the following:
1. What are the elements that make different RUIs from Traditional Web apps User Interfaces?
2. Is it possible to extract from the RUI UIDLs the common essential elements to model it in a neutral language?
3. What are the extensions needed in UsiXML to model today RUI frameworks features, such as: delivery of the interaction level, cinematic experience and multimedia elements?

Therefore, we will defend the following thesis:
The introduction of a meta-model of user interfaces for Rich Internet Applications establishes a common ground to standardize their design and development through a model-based and neutral representation which could be ported by a transformational schema to various web development environments.
DEA thesis
UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve,31 August 2007