A Model-Driven Approach for Developing 3D User Interfaces of Information Systems in a Principle–Based Way

Since many years, 3D interactive systems have demonstrated some benefits in reproducing adequately the reality, in improving it, and even in augmenting it by providing the user with unprecedented actions. 3D User Interfaces are becoming the primary subject of interest of a growing community of researchers and developers adopting different approaches for specifying and creating 3DUIs. Providing development methods and software support for 3DUIs is a complex problem. In this paper, we argue that developing 3DUIs for Information Systems is an activity that would benefit from the application of a model-driven development methodology composed of: a set of models defined according to an ontology, a language that expresses these models, and a structured method manipulating these models.
Thales Research and Technology France, Paris
Proc. of 1st Int. Workshop on User Interface eXtensible Markup Language UsiXML'2010