Multi-level Dialog Modeling in Highly Interactive Web Interfaces

As web user interfaces become more sophisticated both in functionalities and reactivity, the dialog of such user interfaces is highly interactive and therefore raises the need for abstracting these capabilities into an advanced dialog model that enables modeling such dialogs. To address this need, multi-level dialog modeling enables designers to model a dialog at two interrelated levels of abstraction (i.e., concrete and abstract dialog) and at five levels of granularity: objectlevel (dialog at the level of a particular objects such as a widget), low-level container (dialog at the last level of decomposition of user interface containers, such as a group box), intermediary-level container (dialog at any non-terminal level of decomposition such as a dialog box or a web page), within-application level (dialog at the level of an interactive application), and across applications-level (dialog across user interfaces of different interactive applications).
Proc. of 7th Int. Workshop on Web Oriented Software Technology