Generating User Interface for Information Applications from Task, Domain and User models with DB-USE

Database Systems UI (User Interface) generation from declarative models has been the focus of numerous and various approaches in the human computer interaction community. Typically, the different approaches use the different models based on and exploiting their singular aspects. This paper proposes a new process that combines the task, domain, and user models taken together to drive the information system user interface design and code behind generation. To this end, we propose a framework, i.e., a methodological process, a meta-model and a software prototype called DB-USE. The main difference in our work from other ones is to contribute the mapping rules for creating the UI objects and to combine the three task, domain and user models to generate the code for performing both the UI and the generic functions of a database.
Thales Research and Technology France, Paris
Proc. of 1st Int. Workshop on User Interface eXtensible Markup Language UsiXML'2010