Model-Driven Engineering of User Interfaces: Promises, Successes, and Failures

Model-driven engineering (MDE) of user interfaces consists in describing a user interface and aspects involved in it (e.g., task, domain, context of use) in models from which a final interface is produced. With one big win in mind: when the user's requirements or the context of use change, the models change accordingly and so does the supporting user interface. Models and a method for developing user interfaces based on MDE are presented in this tutorial supporting forward engineering (a new interface is produced), reverse engineering (an existing interface is improved), and lateral engineering (an existing interface is adapted to a new context of use). Software supporting this method will be used based on UsiXML (User Interface eXtensible Markup Language), a XML-compliant user interface description language.
Proc. of 5th Annual Romanian Conf. on Human-Computer Interaction
ISSN 1843-4460