UsiXML: a User Interface Description Language for Specifying Multimodal User Interfaces

USer Interface eXtensible Markup Language (USIXML) consists of a User Interface Description Language (UIDL) allowing designers to apply a multi-directional development of user interfaces at multiple levels on independ-ence, and not only device independence. In this development paradigm, a user interface can be specified and produced at and from different, and possibly multiple, levels of abstraction while maintaining the mappings between these levels if required. Thus, the development process can be initiated from any level of abstraction and proceed towards obtaining one or many final user inter-faces for various contexts of use at other levels of abstraction. In this way, the model-to-model transformation which is the cornerstone of Model-Driven Ar-chitecture (MDA) can be supported in multiple configurations, based on com-position of three basic transformation types: abstraction, reification, and trans-lation.
Proc. of W3C Workshop on Multimodal Interaction