Generating User Interface from Task, User and Domain Models

Researchers have greatly studied the importance of automatic database user interface generation based on declarative models. The task, domain and user models are three important declarative models on which the user interface can be built. This paper then proposes a framework, i.e., a methodological process and a software prototype to drive the automatic database user interface design and code behind generation from the task, user and domain model combined together. This includes both the user interface and the sound and complete data update, definition and manipulation. The case study used in this paper is Translogistic, a project supported by the Walloon Region that aims to develop a highly capable, competitive and complete combined transport as well as a high value quality logistics.
IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos
Proc. of 2nd Int. Conf. on Advances in Human-oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Services Centric'2009