KnowiXML: A Knowledge-Based System Generating Multiple Abstract User Interfaces in UsiXML

This research presents a multidisciplinary approach aimed at generating multiple Abstract User Interfaces (AUIs), which are adaptable for different kinds of users, performing different tasks, using specific devices in various physical environments. The UI generation framework, called IKnowU, is based on a unified process for interactive system design, which integrates Software Engineering (SE), and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) best practices. This framework is supported by KnowiXML, a Knowledge-Based System (KBS) that facilitates the application of models and the allocation of appropriate visual elements during the generation of AUIs. These AUIs are generated by using problem solving methods studied in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Design knowledge encoded in KnowiXML uniformly manipulates models and UI specifications through the use of an User Interface Description Language (UIDL).
ACM Press, New York
Proc. of 3rd Int. Workshop on Task Models and Diagrams for user interface design