The Rise of Digital Ecosystems: Multidimensional And Context-Aware Adaptation of User Interfaces

The main advantage of this research is its wide scope even if limited to websites ‘main features, graphical interfaces and interaction designs. Indeed, while some adaptations have been tested and evaluated, some more requiring more time and skills have been illustrated by previous or current researches. This allows the reader to have a deep multidimensional overview and an evaluation of specific adaptation techniques. If necessary, readers may easily access knowledge resources to go deeper in specific field. This thesis may easily be used for any information systems' development in order to structure the process and focus on some features. Nevertheless, some aspects of information systems' development process have not been studied such as the relevance of these adaptations in comparison with development's costs and effects on users' experience as well as rising users' privacy concerns. Finally, researches focused only on the three current main platforms (i.e. computers, tablets and smartphones) and on specific amount of specific adaptation techniques. However, there is a plethora of other adaptation techniques (around 150 on the Serenoa Working are) and devices with specific features exist or will appear soon (e.g. smart TV, Google glass).
Master Thesis