The DIANE+ Method

The DIANE method has been created to solve malfunctions in the use of interactive software, leading to trouble in the information systems and difficulties in the user learning and memorisation. The DIANE method aims to integrate the user and his interaction capability into the current process of designing an interactive software. DIANE+ extends the DIANE method to make possible the automatic generation of user interface. This extension concerns the model of dia-logue control, and the integration of an OPAC object data model extending the PAC model. This work is based upon a key concept: the control sharing between man and machine. Our approach complements the object methods by integrating aspects relating to tasks and work stations, and concepts such as the user's level and activity.
Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces I, Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces (CADUI'1996), June 5-7, 1996, Namur, Belgium
Presses Universitaires de Namur