A structured approach to support 3D User Interface Development

Given its current state of the art, Model-Based UI Development (MBDUI) is able to fulfill the major requirements of desktop and mobile applications, such as form-based user interfaces that adapt to the actual context of use. More recent research deals with the development of 3D interactive multimodal environments. Though user-centered design is more and more driving the design of these environments, less attention is devoted to the development processes than to interactive tools supporting isolated phases in the realization process. In this paper we present an attempt to structure an approach to support 3DUIs development by introducing a MBDUI compliant method. The development method is articulated on three axes: models and their specification language, approach, and tools
Integrating Usability Engineering for Designing the Web Experience: Methodologies and Principles
IGI Global Inc., Hershey
15-43 (Chapitre 2)
ISBN13: 9781605668963, ISBN10: 1605668966, EISBN13: 9781605668970