A Pattern-based Approach to Support the Design of Multi- Platform User Interfaces of Information Systems

This PhD thesis is focused on a pattern approach for designing multi-platform user interfaces. The pattern approach is applied on the complete user interface (UI) development process. UI patterns can be used to improve the usability and cycle-life development. To achieve a good quality of software development, UI patterns related to ergonomic context can be used in unification of models to support the UI development process. UI Patterns of the OO-Method are introduced in the whole model driven process of UI in order to obtain different UIs in the Final User Interface (FUI) level including specific platforms. In using different patterns on other devices, the thesis analyses the derivation of up-to-date UIs with the application of the built ergonomic guide and extended patterns. A comparative study of these different FUIs built in different contexts is necessary to show how difficult it is to adapt the different patterns on variety platforms.